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You Should Know How to Turn Off Built-in Apps on Your Galaxy S9 « Android :: Gadget Hacks

The Galaxy S9 will be a great phone powered by the Android ecosystem. This specific includes Google’s family of apps — many of which overlap with Samsung’s in functionality. This specific can lead to redundant apps which siphon resources by your phone, yet fortunately, there’s a way to dull some of the noise in addition to disable built-in apps.

While Samsung probably means well with their myriad of branded apps, they usually feel conflicting with Google’s own apps, which generally feel cleaner in addition to more functional. Or maybe you prefer Samsung’s apps in addition to you want to disable Google’s — hey, no judgement here. All I mean to do will be tell you which, if you’re fresh to Android, you should know the idea’s possible to disable bloatware in addition to additional built-in apps.

Step 1: Go to ‘Apps’ Inside Your Settings

First, go to your Settings by finding the app inside the app drawer, or by swiping down to reveal the notification panel in addition to tapping the gear icon from the top-right corner. by here, hit the sub-header “Apps.”

Step 2: Disable System Apps

Inside the “Apps” section, a list of all your applications will appear in front of you. Scroll until you find the one you want to disable in addition to tap on the idea. If the idea instead says “Uninstall,” then you’re in luck — you can completely get rid of the app by hitting which button.

If the idea says “Disable” (in addition to the button isn’t grayed out), then tap which to remove the app by your app drawer in addition to clear away any associated data which may be taking up your storage. A warning will appear which says “Disabling built-in apps may cause errors in additional apps.” Tap “Disable” to turn off the app, or “Cancel” if you decide against the idea. You know you’ve done so successfully if the app says “Enable” where the idea once said “Disable.”

Step 3: Safely Disable Bloatware Apps

While you’re in here, you’ll probably notice which a few preinstalled system apps contain the “Disable” option grayed out — these are colloquially referred to as bloatware. While you can’t remove them quite as easily, the idea’s still doable.

If you run into any apps which can’t be disabled or uninstalled through the Settings menu on your Galaxy S9, there’s an app which will get rid of them all. the idea takes a little setup, yet we’ve got a step-by-step guide waiting on you at the link below.

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