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You Can Still Get Google’s Magical Translation Pixel Buds on Preorder at Best Buy « Android :: Gadget Hacks

While unveiling various some other gadgets, Google announced the Pixel Buds at their October 4th event in San Francisco. These wireless earbud-style headphones are particularly interesting thanks to their ability to offer real-time language translation via Google Translate when paired using a Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL.

At the event, Google offered an impressive demo of the translation capabilities, with one user speaking in Swedish as well as the some other replying in English. When the Pixel Buds went up for preorder on the Google Store, they quickly sold out — however starting today, we have a brand new purchasing option.

Pixelbuds Demo through the Google Pixel Event on October 4.

If you missed out on the original Pixel Buds preorder, Best Buy is actually currently offering the headphones for preorder in all three colors: Clearly White, Kinda Blue, as well as Just Black. The cost is actually $159 for all colour variants, the exact cost you’ll find on the Google Store as well.

The unfortunate downside here is actually in which Best Buy does not list an exact shipping date for the headphones. On the some other hand, the only thing you can do on the Google Store at This specific time is actually join a wait list, so at least Best Buy will let you guarantee a pair today.

Aside through the translation capability, the Pixel Buds also feature native Google Assistant integration with touch controls. This specific allows you to activate Assistant using a tap as well as access all of your notifications, even reply to emails or text messages as they come in.

The headphones also come bundled using a charging case (similar to Apple’s AirPods), in which can store multiple charges without needing to plug in each time. One aesthetic detractor is actually in which the two buds are tethered to one another via a fabric cable, unlike the more svelte AirPods. Perhaps the benefit of This specific is actually in which the buds will fit more securely from the ear canal.

I’m personally looking forward to checking out the Pixel Buds in person, as well as placed my preorder for a Kinda Blue pair today. Are you interested in Google’s brand new smart earbuds? Can the translate capability perform as well in a real-world setting? Chime in below using a comment!

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