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You Can Get One of the Galaxy S9’s Best Apps on Any Phone « Android :: Gadget Hacks

While TouchWiz as an Android skin isn’t a favorite among many, Samsung Internet is actually a fantastic web browser in which S9 owners should be happy to have preinstalled out of the box. although you don’t need to buy Samsung’s latest flagship to try their browser — Samsung Internet is actually available to all compatible Android phones.

There’s a not bad chance you stick to Chrome, especially if the item’s the default browser in which came with your smartphone. although there are a lot of excellent web browsers on the Play Store in which are worth your time. Samsung Internet is actually among those. In fact, the item’s the second best browser we’ve seen for Android.

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Step 1: Install Samsung Internet

While once only available in beta, Samsung Internet is actually currently on the Google Play Store for free. No need to own a Galaxy device to experience the web via Samsung — as long as your device runs Android 5.0 or higher, you can download the app through its Play Store page like you could any some other app.

Step 2: Change Your Settings (Optional)

Once installed, open Samsung Internet in addition to tap the menu button from the top-right corner of the display. Tap “Settings” to get yourself familiar with the browser’s options in addition to customizations. You’ll find selections like changing your homepage, setting a different search engine, in addition to altering privacy settings.

If you tap on the Advanced submenu, you can find some extra options, such as your pop-up blocker. While enabled by default, some sites won’t operate properly with the blocker turned on. Remember to check This kind of setting if a webpage isn’t behaving correctly for you.

from the Extensions menu, you will also see features like CloseBy, QR code reader, in addition to Video assistant. CloseBy is actually the same as the Nearby feature in Google Chrome, the QR code reader is actually, simply, a QR code reader, in addition to Video assistant helps you cast web videos to Chromecast. We believe they’re all worth checking out.

Step 3: Install a Content Blocker to Eliminate Ads (Optional)

One of the best reasons to use Samsung Internet is actually its content-blocking integration. Here, you can install yet another app in which serves as a plugin for the browser. This kind of, in turn, can then block unwanted content, such as advertisements.

Samsung Internet offers a suite of recommendations, although if you’re looking for an excellent ad blocker, look no further than Crystal Adblock. We’ve linked the app below, although feel free to try some other content blockers, either via Samsung’s recommendations or by searching the Play Store for “Samsung content blocker.”

Once you’ve made your choice, jump back to Samsung Internet in addition to tap the menu button again, although currently select “Extensions.” Next, tap “Content blockers,” then enable the blocker of your choice under “Installed.” through currently on, you won’t see ads when surfing the web on Samsung’s browser.

Step 4: Enjoy Samsung-Style Web Browsing

currently in which the minutia is actually taken care of, Samsung Internet will give you a powerful yet simple web-browsing experience. You’ll no doubt expect to see Samsung’s address bar at the top of the display, although what you might be surprised by is actually the navigation bar on the bottom of the screen. You can view your tabs in a neat in addition to operational style, in addition to if you’re used to Chrome’s Incognito Mode, you’ll feel right at home with “Turn on Secret Mode.”

At the end of the day, Samsung Internet is actually actually just a web browser. However, the item impresses with the little things in which make surfing the web enjoyable on mobile. the item’s fast, the item’s clean, in addition to the item feels very 2018. Hopefully, Samsung will eventually apply This kind of philosophy to the rest of TouchWiz.

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Cover photo in addition to screenshots by Jake Peterson/Gadget Hacks

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