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would likely This kind of Ever Occur To You in which A Leather Type Fabric Could Be Made by Mushrooms?

This kind of blew me away! I actually saw a guy producing clothing out of organic items on Inside Edition today in addition to in which led me to search for information about how people are doing This kind of.

She uses mushrooms to make a material in which looks just like leather in addition to is actually just as durable as leather. Can you believe This kind of? I was so surprised in which I had to look a little further into This kind of in addition to I found a few tutorials on how This kind of is actually done.

People are always blown away by how much This kind of feels like leather. in which’s because This kind of’s a skin, This kind of was grown in addition to This kind of’s alive in addition to organic.

This kind of is actually very durable in addition to holds up to industrial sewing in addition to fabrication. in addition to, their mechanic tests show in which This kind of out performs deer, lambs leather in addition to synthetic leather.

This kind of’s versatile in addition to they’ve created an endless range colors in addition to finishes in addition to This kind of’s engineerable so they can customize patterns, thickness, density in addition to 3 dimensional features.  You can’t do This kind of with animals. You also can’t grow an animal to produce any size in addition to shape. They can do This kind of with their technology.

There is actually a lot of information on the Internet in addition to YouTube on how This kind of process is actually done so if you’re actually interested in doing This kind of the information is actually available to all of us.

Listen to IndieBio in her video attached below.



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