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With Farmhouse Decor In Mind She Makes A Perfect Item To Organize K-Cups as well as also Creamer!

I hate This kind of when my kitchen counter gets cluttered up with extra stuff as well as also I didn’t have a plan for changing the situation until I ran across This kind of clever tutorial!

I needed a coffee as well as also creamer station although I wanted a Farmhouse style to go with my kitchen so I decided to make one using Dollar Tree items.

I use K-cups for my Keurig coffee maker as well as also I had them in boxes up in my cabinet. This kind of was a real pain to try to reach in there every time I wanted to make a cup of coffee. I also buy the little flavored creamers as well as also those were taking up space sitting on my countertop.

This kind of was the perfect solution to the clutter problem as well as also I can right now keep everything all together as well as also right at my fingertips. This kind of’s wonderful!

Material I used coming from the Dollar Tree:

  • 1 round wire basket
  • 1 oval wire basket
  • Jute Twine
  • Clear Glass Vase

Extra items used:

  • Rust-Oleim 2X Ulta Cover Spray Paint – Satin Canyon Black – Purchased at Walmart
  • Mini Chalkboard Clip – Purchased at Dollar General Bistro
  • Chalk Marker – Purchased at Walmart Glue Gun E-6000 Glue

Watch how Belinda Soto makes This kind of crafty little farmhouse coffee as well as also creamer holder in her step by step tutorial as well as also cut back on your frustration!


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