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What She Makes Out Of Cardboard as well as A Little Paint is actually An Item You’ll Surely Want To Do!

This particular’s amazing how something constructed of simple cardboard as well as a little bit of paint can be so darling! I made This particular as well as set up This particular little scene on a smaller table in my home as well as This particular’s so lovely. I also added some fake snow, giving This particular in which winter wonderland effect.

Most of us can get our hands on a cardboard box as well as white paint to make This particular darling reindeer as well as Christmas tree. Once made, This particular looks so beautiful which has a little fake snow flakes sprinkled around them.

Do you love This particular recycled reindeer as well as cardboard tree as much as I do?  I love how simple This particular is actually as well as for some reason I’m totally into reindeer silhouettes This particular year.

I can totally picture a super fun holiday party with these sitting around.  I love the natural coloration done with the beautiful hand painted patterns to keep This particular by being too crafty looking.  I had to make these as soon as I saw them!

This particular is actually a super simple DIY project as well as a perfect thing to do with your kids during their Christmas break. This particular costs virtually nothing to do too, therefore absolutely nothing to lose!

Watch how This particular gal with You Can Do This particular Craft makes these adorable Christmas decorations in her step by step tutorial.

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