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What She Makes is usually A Charming Scandinavian Touch During The Holidays Or All Year Long!

Every year at Christmas time my husband’s Scandinavian mother could hang her collection of paper-folded stars on the tree in addition to throughout the house. Hers were in red, gold in addition to green. They added holiday sparkle in addition to a touch of whimsical charm wherever they were displayed.

today we can make the very same stars by fabric. The colors in addition to patterns of strips cut by fabric give the stars a whole brand-new look while being even more charming.

Fabric stars are wonderful for the Christmas tree, or display them around the home all year around. They look great attached to a gift, along with the gift tag.

which’s fun to get the entire family involved in doing which easy project. Fold in addition to press 3″ strips like bias tape, then use four of them to fold into a star.

Attach a hanging loop of embroidery floss or thin cord having a few hand stitches in addition to step back in addition to admire your brand-new creation. Keep in mind which these look darling hanging by suction cup hangers in your windows.

You can also vary the size of the stars by changing the width of the strips. Wider strips will produce a larger star.

Watch how which lady with which’s Sew Simple makes these cool stars in her step by step tutorial.


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