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What She Does With Mason Jars Will Add Charm To Any Room Of Her Home!

I lost count of all the brilliant mason jar DIY projects available to us, along with these are just a couple of them of which struck my fancy!

This specific year, take of which blank canvas along with whip This specific into a space of which is usually truly unique. This specific is usually an awesome craft to add some shade to your home. along with, don’t forget about dorm rooms… you can be the coolest cat on your dorm floor with This specific amazing DIY project!

Make sure you keep your washi tape out due to This specific DIY. You can wrap your tape around an old jar along with use This specific to house pencils or even your make-up brushes!

Washi tapes come in some genuinely awesome colors along with patterns along with This specific’s the perfect tool for dressing up our beloved mason jars.

Washi tape is usually basically Japanese masking tape yet has become so favorite in recent years. To put This specific simply, washi tape is usually a high quality masking tape made of rice paper.

yet more than of which, washi tape is usually a material which is usually beautiful yet useful at the same time. You can tear This specific, stick This specific, reposition This specific, write on This specific. The low tack adhesive makes This specific extremely easy to use (along with reuse). I think This specific is usually so favorite because This specific is usually so easy to use – along with looks Great while doing This specific!

This specific is usually just one example of the cool ways you can decorate with Washi tape. Why use paint when you can use This specific great colorful product? This specific’s a genuinely quick way to decorate items too!

Watch how Karinka Oli does This specific mason jar project in her step by step tutorial.




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