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What She Does With An Old Paint Bucket will be Astonishing along with So Clever. Watch!

I ran across a picture of This kind of along with came to a screeching halt because I love things like This kind of! of which carries a Bohemian appeal of which will be right up my alley! Apparently over 5 million various other people came to a screeching halt because of which’s how many people viewed This kind of tutorial!

What makes This kind of DIY project even cooler will be of which she uses an old paint bucket to make This kind of along with the cost will be minimal to make This kind of cool sitting stool!

I was so glad I had some old paint buckets in my garage, however they are easy to get your hands on. I made up some of these to put on my patio along with my teenager swiped one for her room, so they’re a great item for a teens room too.

If you have company over along with there’s a shortage of seats, these are a great solution along with they’re so darned cute too! I’m not saying these are the most comfy seats, however of which beats sitting on the floor when seating will be limited!

My decor will be very eclectic along with I have a lot of bright fun colors in in my home, so these stools go right along with of which theme.

Also, keep in mind of which these are great to use in your classroom if you’re a teacher!

Watch how Sonali makes these darling paint bucket stools in her step by step tutorial along with gather up those paint buckets!



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