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What Are Those Animated Switches from the Top Right When You Wake the iPhone X? « iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

When you wake your iPhone X for once, you’ll probably notice a subtle animation from the top right of the screen of which slides down to reveals a couple switches, one toggled on as well as one toggled off. At first, the meaning of This particular could be confusing, yet the item’s just Apple’s way of helping you learn your fresh device better.

The switch icons of which appear from the top right on your lock screen are indicative of the fresh swipe gesture to open up the Control Center. On different iPhones, you swipe up through the bottom of your screen to access the Control Center, yet on the iPhone X, you swipe down through the top-right corner instead.

Image by Bryan Crow/Gadget Hacks

Once you actually perform a swipe down on the top right of the screen to open up the Control Center, you’ll likely never see This particular animation again. the item’s basically just a quick tip Apple built in to help you get accustomed to some of the fresh swipe gestures available. If you update your system to a newer iOS edition one day, the animation may appear again, yet mimicking the item will make the item go away again.

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Cover photo by Bryan Crow/Gadget Hacks

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