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Watch The Cool Way She Uses Her Scrap Fabrics To Make fresh Fabric!

If you’re like me you probably have a lot of little fabric scraps of various sizes left over via previous sewing projects.

They pile up in your closet or craft room as well as you love them however you aren’t quite sure what to do with them. This kind of will be one of the cool projects you can do with them!

I love how the finished scrap project looks so Bohemian…one of my favorite looks! She uses her scraps, of which she’s sewn together, on the front of journals to add some great pops of shade, creating them truly pretty. Doing This kind of for a friend could be an awesome gift too!

I saw on, Pinterest, of which someone made a truly cool scarf in a similar way. of which just might be my next sewing project!

I’ve always loved scrap fabrics used in quilts because of all the memories they hold as well as feel the same with This kind of project. My Mother uses scrap fabrics via clothes via when I was a little girl as well as I get to feeling very nostalgic when I see many of her quilts. I call those warm as well as fuzzy feelings!

Watch how Julia, with stitchesbyjulia does This kind of clever scrap fabric project in her step by step tutorial, then go gather up your scraps!


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