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Watch How They Make This kind of Fabulous Decor Piece Out Of Free Pallet Wood!

What could we do without our beloved pallet wood? Well, we wouldn’t have all of the cool pieces of which add so much charm to our home, right?

Pallet headboards add a rustic, yet modern feature to the bedroom. Pallet wood offers a blend of warm colors as well as rich tones, as well as can be readily available.

This kind of project can be something of which you can make custom to your bed for little to no cost.You can find pallets free on craigslist, as well as a few local businesses are happy to give them away. I’ve seen them stacked up behind buildings in commercial business districts as well as by various as well as sundry dumpsters.

I’d always seen the pallet headboards in a stained or natural wood colour, however I hadn’t seen one painted This kind of way as well as, of course, she paints of which in my favorite colour, so I got actually excited about doing This kind of DIY project!

I’d been wanting to get a headboard for our bedroom for a while.  Our bedroom serves of which’s practical purpose, however was lacking visual appeal.

Since a headboard seemed like a not bad place to start, I went on the hunt.  I looked for sales at stores, searched Craigslist regularly, as well as tried garage sales.  No great options appeared in my cost range.  I couldn’t even find a not bad “piece of junk” to flip into a great looking headboard.

I thought about taking the cardboard approach as well as wrapping of which with fabric as well as putting nailhead trim around the edge to make of which look real nice.  However, of which hit me of which I didn’t want to attempt a fabric headboard made of cardboard.  of which just seemed like a whole lot of work for something of which wasn’t even guaranteed to work out as well as last, while also not giving me of which wood look I had originally pictured.

Watch how Froggy Mummy as well as her husband makes This kind of amazing pallet headboard in their step by step tutorial.




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