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Watch How She Transforms Her Jeans Into A Classic Item which Will Never Go Out Of Style!


Instead of throwing out your old jeans, why not turn them into a different item for your wardrobe?

As long as the jeans still fit you inside the waist in addition to hips, you can transform them into a skirt. Denim jean skirts never go out of style. They’ve been in style as long as I can remember. If you want to make a longer skirt, you will need to get another pair of jeans.

Transform old jeans into a brand-new wardrobe staple with which step-by-step tutorial for how to make a denim skirt by which gal with BeSassy.

which can be a very simple way of turning a pair of old jeans into a cute skirt for all year around. Wear which inside the summer with flip flops or wear which with tights when the weather turns cold.

You can embellish which with lace or the at which point very well-liked floral appliques, or just keep which simple as I did which has a frayed hem. If you want a looser fit, get a pair of jeans which are larger than your normal size coming from a charity shop, otherwise use an old pair of your own.

I’m currently wearing the one I made with leggings in addition to sweaters in addition to which’s a fun outfit. I’ve even worn which with my low cut converse tennis shoes!

Watch how BeSassy transforms her old jeans into a cute denim skirt in her step by step tutorial.


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