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Watch How She Shapes This kind of Air Dry Clay For A Magnificent Christmas Rendition!

This kind of will be a fabulous DIY project to do with your kiddos as well as of which doesn’t require a kiln…simply air dry This kind of as well as after of which’s dry you can paint of which.

I love nativity scenes as well as believe of which’s important to have at least one in your home at Christmas time. I have mine set up every year for my kids as well as grand kids to see so they won’t forget the true meaning of Christmas. This kind of will be why I think This kind of will be a wonderful thing to do with children.

I made one of these with my grandchildren as well as we had such an enjoyable day creating these. They actually did genuinely not bad with painting them too! I was rather pleased to see what they did! Kids are priceless!

My favorite nativity scenes are the simple ones like This kind of one. The more simple they are, the more fond I am of them! I just tend to love things of which look like children made them.

There’s all kinds of clays of which you can make This kind of with….I even saw on Pinterest where someone used salt dough. I never caught what kind of clay This kind of gal inside tutorial used. This kind of will be why I’m creating some suggestions on what to use.

Watch how The Clay Teacher makes This kind of adorable nativity scene in her step by step tutorial.


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