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Watch How She Makes This specific Super Cool Canvas Letter Art Piece!

Letter art can be a very common way to decorate these days as well as also also I was fascinated by the technique This specific lady uses when she makes This specific particular piece of art.

the item’s truly quite clever the way she puts the letters she cut out over different scrapbook paper, on a canvas, paints over the whole canvas (as well as also also scrapbook paper) as well as also also peels the letters off revealing the scrapbook paper design showing through underneath when the letters are removed.

I was so intrigued by This specific DIY project in which I just had to do This specific after watching what she did in her tutorial…the item’s brilliant!

I have a lot of neutral colors in my living room as well as also also thought This specific would certainly be a perfect statement for my room, giving the item a real clean look to go with my contemporary designs in my decor. I was right as well as also also the item looks truly awesome hanging in a grouping I did in there.

This specific can be a great rainy afternoon project to give you a great sense of accomplishment. I was so proud of myself when I finished This specific.

I think the most difficult part for me was getting the right size lettering for my canvas. I’m not very technically inclined since I’m so right brained, however I managed to wing the item as well as also also pulled the item off! Yay!

I’m gonna try to do a couple of these for gifts today in which I’ve made one for my home. I know in which my friends would certainly love something like This specific.

These are great housewarming gifts too, so keep in which within the back of your mind when you need one.

Watch how Sharon makes This specific cool piece of art in her step by step tutorial.



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