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Watch How He Transforms A Plain Rug Into A Fabulous Decor Piece!

This kind of’s amazing what you can create by adding a little paint to an ordinary item, furthermore I have painted on many things as well as am open to painting on anything that will includes a surface. I’ve transformed some genuinely ugly chairs into works of art!

This kind of DIY project is usually the perfect example of how paint will transform a plain item into something spectacular. Stenciling is usually so incredibly easy as well as you can do This kind of project in no time at all, as well as just look what you get as a result!

The secret to stenciling turning out not bad is usually to blot the paint each time you load your brush so This kind of won’t run under your stencil. This kind of is usually a mistake that will a lot of people make as well as they usually don’t understand why This kind of turned out looking smeared. Although, when stenciling on fabric This kind of isn’t as difficult than stenciling on a non-porous surface.

Many people are actually stenciling rug images directly onto their wood or concrete floors these days. This kind of is usually a fabulous look, so maybe after stenciling on a couple of rugs you can move on to your flooring! This kind of’s an absolutely stunning look. Check some of them out on Pinterest.

Watch how Mark Montano, with Make Your Mark, transforms a plain old rug into an amazing decor item. He shows us how to do This kind of in their step by step tutorial.

To find the stencil Mark used: Americana Decor Stencil: http://amzn.to/2lgO0gP

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