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Watch How He Makes These Fabulously Fun Pet Portrait Plates!

I went bonkers over these pet portrait plates that will he does inside the tutorial I’ve attached at the bottom of This kind of post!

I love animals as well as I love brightly colored art deco looking things, so This kind of was right up my alley as well as I couldn’t wait to do these! I’m an artist as well as paint a lot of pet portraits, however This kind of puts a totally different spin on pet portraits for me.

He decoupages these pictures on the bottom of the clear plates as well as then paints on the bottom of the plates, around the picture. Then he puts them inside the oven to seal everything.

These plates can be used for eating on, however I wanted to use mine for decor in my home. You can either place them on a plate shelf, hang them with plate hangers or put them on easels. They look so wonderful in my home too!

This kind of make fabulous gifts for friends as well as family. I’d be so excited as I received one for a gift, wouldn’t you?

If you have kids, This kind of can be an awesome project to do with them. You can buy the clear plates at the dollar store as well as paints are cheap. This kind of’s fun to do something like This kind of with them…great bonding time as well as you’ll get them off their electronic devices for a while too!

Watch how Mark Montano, with Make Your Mark, does This kind of super cool DIY project in his step by step tutorial.

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