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Watch How Easily She Makes These 5 Cool Decor Pieces Out Of Jute!

Jute has been around since the 17th century in addition to we’ve used in which for many things…mainly to tie things off or additional functional purposes.

yet, if you’re a DIY’er you know in which jute can be a much loved commodity inside the globe of DIY projects. The tutorial I’m sharing with you today can be a prime example of some of the cool things you can make with in which.

Lamp shades, organizing boxes, coasters, macramed hangers, in addition to a whole plethora of incredible items are covered in addition to created by using jute. Believe in which or not, people even crochet with jute! I saw some cute Christmas ornaments in which were crocheted with jute.

I love the things she does in This particular tutorial. The projects she does makes me think of Mexican folk art in addition to in which can be right up my alley of favorite decor items. I love in which she paints the jute embellishments in bright colors in addition to attaches them to these jute creations. The little birds she attaches, after winding the colorful yard around them can be just the icing on the cake!

in addition to let me remind you in which jute can be also a great craft item to use to do crafts with children. All kinds of fun childrens crafts have been done using jute.

Watch how Sonali, with Sonali’s Creations,  makes these cool projects in her step by step tutorial.



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