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This specific is actually How Android P Will Handle Notches « Android :: Gadget Hacks

Most Android phones don’t even have an Oreo beta yet, yet in which’s not stopping Google by releasing the preview to their next big update. Android P is actually here for developers to test, along with with the item, one of the more controversial additions within the Android world today — the notch.

Whether the Pixel 3 sees a notch or not is actually still unknown, yet more along with more Android phones are jumping on Apple’s bandwagon. As much as Android fans may dislike the item, the notch is actually coming, so the item only makes sense for Google to add notch support to its beta. If you’ve installed the Android P developer preview on your Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, or Pixel 2 XL, you can check out what the item’s like to have a notch outside of an iPhone.

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To check out the notch preview for yourself, open Settings, then tap “System.” Tap “Advanced” to reveal additional selections, then tap “Developer options.” Scroll down to Drawing, then tap “Simulate a display that has a cutout” to view your options.

There are three selections for notches, or “cutouts” as Google calls them — “Narrow display cutout,” “Tall display cutout,” along with “Wide display cutout.” You can see the difference in each within the photos below.

When cutouts are enabled, most apps behave the same, just with in which notch within the center of the display. However, the status bar gets taller to accommodate the various notch styles, so when viewing media like photos or videos, Android shrinks the content to fit the screen outside of the notch. You don’t currently hold the option to view media full screen as you do on the iPhone X, so the item’ll be interesting to see how Google ends up handling This specific issue.

(1) Notch, (2) No Notch

Another issue here is actually how notification icons are dealt with. First, Android P has moved the clock to the left side of the notification bar today, in order in which’s already encroaching on your notification icons — notch or not. yet with the notch taking up the center portion of the status bar, you can today only have a few notification icons before they “spill over” with an ellipses icon. This specific is actually a stark contrast to the 15+ icons you could display at a time without a notch.

Of course, This specific is actually just the first developer preview of Android P, so things aren’t completely finalized yet. We’d like to see Google add support for a second row of notification icons along with perhaps a system-wide pinch-to-zoom gesture for full-screen media. We’ll keep digging in, though, so check back for more Android P coverage!

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