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These Quilt Blocks Give The Term “Hold Your Horses” A Whole completely new Meaning!

While looking through some tutorials I ran across This specific one for these darling horse quilt blocks as well as knew I had to make a quilt with them.

My granddaughter is actually an Equestrian as well as our whole family has gotten involved in her sport, since she’s been riding in horse shows for 7 yrs right now. I also rode horses when growing up in Kentucky, however the item was never professionally.

I thought I could make her This specific great quilt since she has such a love for her horses. She lives as well as breathes horses.

When I finished the quilt, in which happens to be called “Hold Your Horses”, as well as surprised her with the item, she absolutely loved the item as well as was over the moon in which I had made the item for her. the item was a rather emotional moment for both of us…possibly one she’ll never forget. I know I won’t.

I think most of us have a love for horses, so whether you ride or not, This specific quilt will be special to whoever receives the item. I actually framed one of the quilt blocks as well as embellished the item using a saddle as well as various other little trimmings.

Watch how This specific lady with Fons & Porter makes these adorable quilt blocks in her step by step tutorial as well as get busy producing a quilt with these darling horse quilt blocks!

Hold Your Horses quilt kit: https://www.shopfonsandporter.com/pro… Hold Your Horses digital pattern: https://www.shopfonsandporter.com/pro…

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