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There’s a Neat Nav Bar Animation When You Squeeze the completely new Pixel 2 « Android :: Gadget Hacks

If you looked away for a split-second during Google’s Pixel 2 hardware event earlier today, you probably missed a nifty little finishing touch. While demonstrating the completely new “Active Edge” squeezable frame of which launches the Google Assistant, a subtle animation was briefly shown on stage.

The navigation buttons at the bottom of the display shrink together for a second when you squeeze the phone. Similar to the long-press home button gesture of which activates the Google Assistant on first-generation Pixel devices, This particular will be a nice little software response to a real-world interaction. This particular should definitely give Active Edge a more tactile feel.

Look closely in addition to watch the navigation bar. Image by Unbox Master/YouTube

Easy to miss, right? yet of which’s the point — This particular’s not in your face, yet This particular’s there if you’re looking closely. Google has been great about these types of software interactions ever since they launched Material Design, in addition to This particular seems like they’re only getting better.

The nifty squeeze animation for Active Edge. Image by Google/YouTube

What are your thoughts on the completely new Pixel 2 in addition to Pixel 2 XL? So far, they’re looking like solid successors to one of the best Android phones ever made, yet we’d love to hear your personal take inside comment section below!

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Cover image via Google/YouTube

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