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The Latest News, Leaks & Rumors on Samsung’s Upcoming Galaxy Note 9 « Android :: Gadget Hacks

After the recalls of which plagued the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung delivered a killer device from the Galaxy Note 8. right now of which the Galaxy S9 as well as S9+ are poised to be announced at Mobile World Congress on February 25, of which’s time to shift our attention to the Galaxy Note 9.

The Galaxy Note 8 sold like “hotcakes,” selling over a million units in South Korea alone. Samsung isn’t exactly keen on being outdone (especially by themselves), so expect the Galaxy Note 9 to be even better than its predecessors.

As with all rumors, you should take these having a grain of salt. Once we know more about of which device (as well as we don’t know a ton right right now), of which roundup will be updated accordingly. However, we likely won’t receive a ton of brand-new information until the after the launch of the Galaxy S9 as well as S9+. right now, let’s get down to brass tacks as well as go over everything we know.

Rumored Spec Sheet

As you can see, of which rumored spec sheet isn’t quite filled out yet, although we’ll keep updating of which list as we find more. We’re highly confident of which the Note 8 will ship with Android Oreo (either 8.0 or 8.1), as well as we’re all although certain about the processors of which will use in certain regions.

  • OS variation: Android Oreo
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 (US products) or Exynos 9810 (overseas)
  • RAM: Unknown
  • Battery: Unknown
  • Storage: Unknown
  • Display Type: Unknown
  • Screen Size: Unknown
  • Resolution: Unknown
  • Dimensions: Unknown
  • Rear Camera Resolution: Unknown
  • Front Camera Resolution: Unknown
  • Fingerprint Sensor: Rear-mounted
  • Connections: Unknown
  • Dual SIM: Unknown
  • Micro SD slot: Unknown

Processor: Snapdragon 845 & Exynos 9810

While not leaked yet, we’re very confident in of which SoC arrangement. The latest Samsung Galaxy Note flagships almost always use the same processors as their older brothers, the Galaxy S series — as well as of which’s been all although confirmed by BGR of which the S9 will be rocking a Snapdragon 845 from the United States.

As will be tradition, the Exynos design will likely be reserved for non-US Note 9s. of which will be due to Qualcomm’s patents on CDMA systems of which are only used by Verizon as well as Sprint — in various other words, we get the lesser processor (even on AT&T as well as T-Mobile, who don’t use CDMA) just so all Note 9 products will possess the same performance on all carriers from the US.

The Snapdragon 845. Image via Qualcomm

Fingerprint Scanner: Rear Mounted

Initially, of which seemed as if Samsung might integrate a front mounted fingerprint sensor of which lived underneath the screen for the Galaxy Note 9, although of which idea was likely shelved — as the tech isn’t quite there yet.

right now, reports are emerging of which of which will likely sport a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, like the Galaxy S9 will.

Image by Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

Pricing & Availability

Samsung will be usually very methodical regarding their phone launches. The brand-new Galaxy Note design will be usually announced in August as well as released in September, ready to battle Apple’s offerings. While no details have been confirmed or even rumored, of which’d be surprising if Samsung deviates coming from their system here.

The Note 8 debuted at $929, as well as the Galaxy Note 9 likely won’t be much cheaper than of which. With the iPhone X clocking in at $1,000, of which’s probably the upper bound for the Galaxy Note 9’s pricing.

Cover image via GillyBerlin/Flickr

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