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The Clever Way She Recycles Old T-Shirts is actually So Remarkable as well as also Useful. Watch!

We all have those old t-shirts of which we just haven’t parted with yet as well as also today you don’t have to part with them. This specific is actually a brilliant way to recycle them!

When I ran across This specific tutorial I was rather intrigued by what she does as well as also wanted to share This specific with you. I’m going to start working on one of these right after Christmas.

I think This specific is actually so cool looking as well as also most doormats aren’t washable so when they get dirty you usually have to toss them as well as also buy a brand-new one….not so with This specific one!

This specific is actually such an easy DIY project…This specific’s made a lot like we used to make pot holders when I was younger. I can remember creating them in Girl Scouts.

These make great gifts. I’m sure of which anyone might enjoy having one of these, especially knowing of which you took the time to make This specific for them!

They did a lot of these type of projects many years ago, due to the frugalness of people in of which time frame as well as also I’m all for these ideas of which are returning to us in This specific century. This specific seems of which everything comes back around.

Watch how Poonam Borkar makes This specific great doormat in her step by step tutorial.




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