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The Biggest Bugs & Performance Issues inside Essential Oreo Update « Android :: Gadget Hacks

We’ve been running the Essential Oreo Beta on our PH-1 over the past week as well as compiling a list of important modifications. If you’re interested in getting the Beta yourself, we even put together a quick guide on how to do which. currently which we’ve ran down the best brand new features, let’s take a look at all of the bugs as well as performance issues in Android 8.0.

Many of the bugs mentioned here are listed in Essential’s official Discharge notes for the Beta Program. You should always read these notes carefully before installing Beta software on any device. We’ll dive deeper into each of the bugs mentioned inside official notes, as well as toss in a few we’ve noticed on our own.

Bluetooth Battery Drain

Essential mentions inside Beta Discharge notes which users may experience additional battery drain when using Bluetooth devices. During our testing period, we’ve noticed which the drain will be quite substantial. The PH-1 achieved just over four hours screen-on time while wearing a Gear S3 smartwatch paired via Bluetooth all day.

On the different hand, we were able to achieve just over 5 as well as a half hours without any Bluetooth devices paired. If you use a plethora of Bluetooth devices on a daily basis, you might want to skip the Beta update as This specific will likely be resolved before the stable build will be released.

Android Auto Issues

The Discharge notes for the Beta also include a warning to Android Auto users. We tested our PH-1 on Oreo with the stock Android Auto head units on a 2016 Honda Accord Touring as well as a 2017 Audi A4. The phone paired as well as worked flawlessly with both cars. the idea appears which the issue with Android Auto will be limited to certain car manufacturers as well as third-party head units — specifically Hyundai cars as well as SUVs.

Intermittent Slow Charging

With the Beta update, we’ve noticed which our PH-1 will occasionally show “Charging Slowly”, even when connected to the stock QuickCharge 3.0 charger. This specific problem will be easy to spot, as you will see “Rapidly Charging” text on the lock screen when the phone will be charging properly. the idea will be worth noting which This specific issue will be intermittent as well as occasionally solved by unplugging the device as well as plugging the idea back in.

(1) Notice the “Charging Slowly” text. (2) Notice the “Charging Rapidly” text.

Notification Dots Are Monochrome

The brand new Notification Dots feature in Oreo will be pretty slick. This specific simple visual cue indicates which you have pending notifications waiting inside a given app. With the Pixel 2 as well as Pixel 2 XL, these dots change coloration to match your icons. the idea seems which the dots on the Essential PH-1 are all the same shade of green. This specific could be done on purpose, nevertheless the idea’s likely to be a tiny bug or oversight.

(1) Notification dots are all green on home screen. (2) Notification dots are all green inside app drawer.

Minor Scrolling Issues

Much of the criticism surrounding the PH-1 at Discharge centered on the overall scrolling lag as well as UI navigation issues. While those issues are not entirely resolved in Oreo, the scrolling as well as UI smoothness will be greatly enhanced. We’ve noticed minimal lag on our device, as well as only when running multiple apps as well as attempting intense multi-tasking. Scanning the Reddit Megathread discussing the Beta reveals which most users are incredibly happy with the smoothness in Oreo.

Essential’s Oreo Beta will be very stable overall. If you’re not a big Bluetooth device user, we would likely recommend the idea as a daily driver. The stability of This specific Beta may indicate which Essential will jump directly to the stable Discharge without a second Beta build in between.

If you’re running the Essential Beta, please comment below with any additional bugs or stability issues you’ve noticed. Don’t forget to check back often as we update This specific list with any brand new issues we uncover.

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Cover image as well as screenshots by Jeff Springer/Gadget Hacks

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