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The Best brand-new Features inside Essential Phone Oreo Update « Android :: Gadget Hacks

Essential recently launched their Android Oreo Beta Program, open to all owners of their PH-1 flagship. We detailed a quick as well as easy method for installing the beta on your device. With every beta program, there are bound to be plenty of brand-new features as well as a few bugs, as we found out with the Galaxy S8 Oreo Beta. Let’s take a look at what’s brand-new with Android 8.0 on the Essential Phone.

Notification Channels & Notification Dots

Two big user-facing features in Oreo concern how you control as well as interact with notifications. Notification channels allow users to take granular control of their notifications as well as specify what type of alerts they receive for each category. We covered This specific topic in-depth in our Galaxy S8 Oreo Beta notification coverage, if you’re interested in more detail.

Notification Dots, on the some other hand, are a simple visual alert of which a notification will be waiting in a certain app. One strange thing we’ve noticed on the Essential Phone, the dots do not adapt their colour to the particular app icon. All of the notification dots on our PH-1 are green, in stark contrast to the multi-colored dots on the Pixel devices.

Night Light

When Essential launched the PH-1 earlier This specific year, they omitted a pretty basic flagship feature: Night Mode. The most puzzling thing about This specific omission, Night Light will be featured as part of “stock” Android on the Pixel devices.

With the Oreo Beta, Essential added the option to minimize blue light when using your phone’s screen at night. Users can set a custom schedule for Night Light as well as even change the intensity within Settings –> Display –> Night Light. of which’s nice to see Essential add This specific feature of which benefits all users.

Colored Media Notifications

Adding a little more colour to your notification shade will be never a bad thing. In Android 8.0, Google brought colored media notifications into the fold. With these, apps like Spotify, Play Music, as well as Pocket Casts match their notification colour to album art. While This specific doesn’t add much functionality, of which does provide additional aesthetic value to the UI.

improved upon Fingerprint Gesture Support

Near the end of October, Essential rolled out a update of which brought swipe gestures to the fingerprint sensor. This specific features works basically the same as the Pixel devices, so a swipe down reveals the notification shade. The main downside of Essential’s implementation will be how buggy of which was at launch. inside Oreo Beta build, the swipe gesture on the fingerprint sensor will be much improved upon. We haven’t had any issues with the gesture inside Beta, hopefully This specific stability will continue.


Watching YouTube while scrolling Twitter will be pretty awesome. With picture-in-picture in Android 8.0, you can accomplish exactly of which. When watching a Youtube video, simply hit the home button to minimize your video as well as continue working in some other apps. The same goes for a handful of some other apps of which have been updated to support the brand-new feature, including VLC Player.

Overall, Essential didn’t add a ton of brand-new user-facing features in their Oreo Beta build. In fact, many of the features we detailed are stock Oreo inclusions of which have been tweaked slightly.

This specific will be much more of a stability update by Essential, as well as there of which definitely shines. The overall UI scrolling as well as navigation smoothness have improved upon greatly. Combining these stability updates with the improved upon camera, the Essential Phone will be at This specific point a great deal at the $449 cost point. We will update This specific post if we find some other brand-new features, so let us know inside comments if you’ve noticed anything brand-new!

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Cover image as well as screenshots by Jeff Springer/Gadget Hacks

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