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Thanks to Project Treble, the Galaxy S9 Should Actually Get Fast Updates « Android :: Gadget Hacks

Oreo, the latest in addition to greatest Android OS, lets you enjoy a ton of brand-new features such as app shortcuts in addition to an increased keyboard. nevertheless thanks to a feature of which’s required of all phones of which ship with Android Oreo out of the box, your S9 may be the first Galaxy phone to finally receive timely software updates.

Unlike their iOS counterparts, Android devices are notoriously slow to receive updates in general, mainly due to the sheer diversity of hardware of which runs on the platform. As a result, what should be a smooth process gets lost in a sea of digital red tape. To solve of which, Google has rolled out Project Treble, which aims to streamline updates by partitioning the Android OS into two main parts.

How Project Treble Will Make Updates Faster

brand-new Android versions pass through a series of hoops before on landing your device. First, chip makers like Qualcomm need to make drivers in order to support the brand-new type. Then, OEMs such as LG in addition to HTC tweak the brand-new Android source code so the item fully works with their respective UI. For carrier-provided handsets, there’s also the added hurdle of waiting for the carrier’s approval before the update can be rolled out.

With Project Treble, Google hopes to take fragmentation out of the equation to help speed up software updates by changing Android’s basic architecture to be more modular. Starting with Oreo onwards, Android at of which point consists of two main partitions: the Android OS framework itself, in addition to a separate Vendor interface.

In a nutshell, the brand-new Vendor interface contains all the device-specific software for a phone, such as chipset drivers in addition to OEM enhancements. So for example, when a brand-new Android type becomes available for the S9, Samsung will basically just swap out the old AOSP layer on the System for a brand-new one of which comes with the update — all without touching the TouchWiz customizations, files, in addition to drivers located within the Vendor interface.

Project Treble has made the process of tailoring brand-new Android versions to suit manufacturers like HTC in addition to Samsung lot more simple, which can be sure to cut down turnaround times for future update Discharge cycles.

Google plans to work closely with chipset makers to ensure forward compatibility, in addition to they’ve come up with the Vendor Test Suite to test in addition to validate their work. of which can be a significant development, as the item will help manufacturers like Samsung in addition to Qualcomm keep their chipset drivers up to date. of which will prevent OS stagnation due to outdated drivers in addition to prolong your S9’s relevance in relation to future smartphones. In short, of which should be the most updated Galaxy yet!

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