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Some Users Say Note 8 Batteries Won’t Charge After Hitting 0% « Android :: Gadget Hacks

As awesome as the 2017 Galaxy lineup may be, few can forget the monstrous disaster in which was the Note 7’s exploding battery. Needless to say, the last thing Samsung wanted was another news story about a problem with the Note 8’s battery. Unfortunately, in which’s exactly where we find ourselves today.

This particular seems some users are complaining their Note 8s will not charge or power on after reaching 0% battery life. According to them, This particular doesn’t matter which cable or charger they use, their phablet refuses to power on.

PhoneArena, who first reported the story, found in which users posting about the issue on the Samsung US forum were getting responses by an official Samsung account. At This particular time, This particular appears at least two Samsung accounts are responding to the complaints, so the company can be in full damage-control.

One user claims they contacted Samsung support about the issue, which, after walking through various attempts to boot the Note 8, issued a refurbished device by Verizon as a replacement.

Whether the refurbished device was meant as a permanent fix isn’t quite clear, however, the user can be clearly as well as understandably upset about This particular in their post. Of course, in which could simply be a problem with Verizon’s policy, not necessarily Samsung’s.

This particular problem can be not carrier-specific — users by Verizon, Sprint, as well as T-Mobile all report issues. If no one by AT&T voices a concern, perhaps AT&T can use This particular to their advantage.

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