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She Takes Clear Marbles What She Makes Are So Useful as well as Cute To Boot!

You’re gonna love This kind of DIY project because the item’s not only simple nevertheless you’ll get a lot of use out of them as well as they’ll look cute on top of in which.

Using only a few items you can turn smaller photos into awesome pieces of refrigerator art.

They are fun to make, easy on the brain as well as cute as all get out. Once you make the first one you’ll want to start an assembly line of these!

Sometimes the item’s nice to have a project to do in which doesn’t take much set up or clean up… as well as in which makes a super cute finished product!

These photo magnets fit the easy bill as well as dazzle like special little gems showcasing your memories.

These make some actually unique as well as inexpensive gifts for friends too! They’ll never guess, in a million years, what you’re giving them!

She uses clear glass circles – they look like large squished down marbles as well as are usually labeled “decorative fillers” at the craft store. nevertheless before in which she picks out some of her favorite photos, quotes or artwork to put behind the marbles before gluing the magnet on.

Watch how This kind of gal, along with Pudge the cat, makes these adorable photo magnets in her step by step tutorial.

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