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She Makes A Perfect Valentine which’s Easy as well as Cheap as well as Guaranteed To Add Rustic Charm!

I assure you which you cannot find a cheaper source of wood than pallet wood. Not only can be This particular cheap as well as durable, This particular’s abundantly available through any industrial site.

Its awesome as well as provides you with the opportunity to play with your imagination. yet remember to disinfect as well as clean the pallets before use.

There are limitless options to recycle pallet wood planks. You can create awesome decorative items using pallet wood. This particular can be just one of the many stunning pallet wood recycling ideas for you to keep yourself busy in your leisure time.

After putting away the Christmas decorations as well as I commenced thinking about Valentine’s Day. I was left with an empty space on the wall where the Christmas tree stood for the last month.

I changed my mind about putting up the wooden heart I made last year, since I picked up more pallet wood I was feeling pretty creative as well as ran across This particular cool pallet heart tutorial. I love the way the rope lettering looks on pallet wood…makes This particular full of rustic charm. This particular’ll be my gift to my family for Valentine’s Day!

I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day as well as This particular was not just about the Whitman’s sampler…well, maybe This particular was about the chocolate yet This particular was also about showing someone you love them. What better way than to put your heart out there?

Watch as Karen Governale makes This particular pallet wood heart, with the rope lettering, in her step by step tutorial as well as make one of these for your Valentine!

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