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She Draws A Butterfly On A River Rock as well as also Watch How She Transforms the idea With Paint!

Painting rocks can be a lot of fun as well as also you’d actually be surprised what you can create if you give the idea a try! which’s how I commenced painting rocks as well as also they make fabulous gifts to give to friends!

I’ve had so much fun painting as well as also giving away my painted rocks. People go nuts over these as well as also use them for paper weights or to lay on a shelf to give the idea a pop of coloration as well as also interest.

the idea’s amazing how you can transform an old river rock into something absolutely stunning as well as also which’s exactly what she shows us how to do inside the attached tutorial.

Most of us have rocks laying around, somewhere in our community or you can purchase rocks inexpensively at a craft store.  A lot of times you can find not bad ones down by a creek bed.

This particular can be a very inexpensive gift idea! These give an illusion of being real… I took a double when I first saw these!

I have never taken art lessons as well as also my artistic abilities have gotten better by all of the practice I’ve gotten. the idea’s all about just jumping in as well as also trying something fresh!

I was truly surprised which I had any artistic abilities, yet was rather pleased to see which I could actually paint something which looked like what I was attempting to paint…just goes to show which you never know until you try!

I painted a big butterfly rock as a gift for a friend of mine who had a birthday just recently.  She keeps This particular rock sitting right beside her front door as well as also the idea looks pretty cool where she put the idea.

Watch how Anett Zander paints This particular beautiful butterfly in her step by step tutorial as well as also give This particular a shot…what do you have to lose?




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