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She Calls This kind of Super Easy Quilt Block She Makes “Little Tongues”. Learn How!

the item’s quilting time! Here’s a fun echoing design to play with from the background of a quilt she makes called Express Your Love. She calls the section she makes in This kind of tutorial  Little Tongues…wonder why!

This kind of type of quilt was completely new to me as well as I was genuinely fascinated by how she make the item. the item definitely does look like little tongues, right?

The way she makes This kind of looks incredibly easy as well as, according to her, you can make these tongues as big as you want or as little…up to you.

When I see the completed quilt the item looks like the item belongs in a home with modern decor, yet when I first saw her producing the item I thought of the famous Rolling Stones album cover with the big tongue on the front!

The technique she uses is actually called Free Motion Quilting. Why such a weird name just for This kind of quilt? She said the item’s a way for her to remember her quilts!

I just love the contrasting black fabric with the white stitching. the item genuinely makes the free motion design pop.

Watch how Leah Day makes This kind of cool quilt block in her step by step tutorial so you can give This kind of a shot!



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