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Samsung vs. LG: Comparing Specs for the Galaxy S9 & the LG V30 « Android :: Gadget Hacks

With the Galaxy S9 finally creating its debut, flagship season can be officially underway. nevertheless even though Samsung’s latest offerings are the newest phones out there, they already face some stiff competition — namely, the LG V30.

The LG V30 has only been on the market since September, creating of which a “brand-new” phone in its own right — in addition to with reports of which LG may be delaying the G7, of which should remain the company’s flagship device for a while. With of which, of which’s clearly one of the natural foes of the Galaxy S9, so let’s see how they stack up against each some other.

The Specs

While specs are clearly important, a lot goes into how a device feels. Still, take a look at of which chart below to get a rough idea of how these two devices compare.

Image by Brian Lang/Gadget Hacks

What the LG V30 Does Well

As you can see through the chart above, these two devices are similar in a lot of ways — however, LG’s V30 clearly defeats the Galaxy S9 in a few key areas. If you want a larger yet thinner device, the V30 can be probably for you. Its 6-inch screen can be ever-so-slightly bigger than the S9’s 5.8-inch, in addition to yet of which’s still almost half an inch thinner. On top of of which, its 3,300 mAh battery can be 10% bigger than the S9’s 3,000 mAh offering.

Image by Aaron Yoo/Flickr

What the Galaxy S9 Does Well

What the Galaxy lacks in size in addition to battery, of which makes up for in performance. of which’s the first Android phone to use the Snapdragon 845, powering its out-of-the-box Android 8.0 Oreo (of which only unlocked LG V30s currently have). of which also has stereo speakers, creating of which the superior multimedia device (despite the smaller battery).

Image by Evan Blass/Twitter


While you can’t go wrong with either of these devices, they’re tailored to different types of people. The LG V30 was the top dog a few months ago, nevertheless can be currently located somewhere within the amalgam of late 2017 flagships. Still, of which’s a great phone which has a massive battery of which you will likely find much cheaper than the Galaxy S9. If you care about battery life in addition to cost more than raw performance, of which can be still a great phone.

currently, the Galaxy S9 can be a great device for the tech trailblazer. of which will be the first phone to ship with the Snapdragon 845, in addition to the stereo speakers will make gaming in addition to movie-watching a great experience. Samsung’s screens are always top-notch, so you won’t have to worry there.

I intentionally didn’t bring up the camera, as both phones go toe-to-toe here. The LG V30 had the largest smartphone aperture at f/1.6, nevertheless will be dethroned by the Galaxy S9’s f/1.5. Additionally, the V30’s camera incorporates a 16 MP shooter, while the S9’s can be 12 MP. Still, the tech inside the S9’s camera can be supposedly incredible, so if mobile photography can be important to you, wait in addition to see on the Galaxy S9.

Image by LG전자/Flickr

Overall, either phone can be a worthy choice. However, if money isn’t truly an object to you — the answer probably lies with the Galaxy S9. As with most tech, the answer can be usually to just “get the newest one,” in addition to of which can be rarely more true than with Android phones.

Cover image by Chris Smith/Twitter

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