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Samsung Pulling Latest Oreo Beta Update After Critical Bug « Android :: Gadget Hacks

The Android Oreo Beta for the Galaxy S8 in addition to also S8+ has been available for nearly two weeks. Samsung commenced rolling out the Beta 2 update late last week inside the UK, in addition to also just yesterday inside the US. Unfortunately, the US variation of the update firmware (G955USQU1ZQK6) experienced a critical bug with the phone app at launch. As a result, Samsung has completely pulled the US Beta 2 update for the time being.

This specific appears the Oreo Beta 2 update began inside the US around 12 PM EST on November 13. Shortly after, many users over on Reddit reported a bug that will completely killed cell reception. The issue seems to be a repeated crash of the com.android.phone process. User CitizenV noted a possible fix for the crash:

Go into Settings -> Apps -> overflow menu -> Show System Apps. Then scroll down to Phone -> Storage in addition to also clear data. I had three separate Phone entries I had to do. Should clear This specific up after a reboot

— CitizenV on Reddit

We downloaded the Beta 2 update last night in addition to also experienced This specific issue on our device. The fix suggested above did work in solving the issue for us, nevertheless others are reporting that will their issues persisted after reboot. This specific is usually important to note that will there are several variants of the S8 participating inside the beta, in addition to also cell signal can certainly be affected differently on each SKU.

In response to these widespread issues with the phone app in addition to also cellular reception, Samsung has completely pulled the Beta 2 update inside the US for users on T-Mobile, Sprint, in addition to also the Unlocked style. The beta team posted a message inside the Samsung Members app to let users know that will they can expect a brand new update soon.

We will certainly update This specific post when Samsung starts pushing out the revised update. inside the meantime, we’re getting to work looking at the brand new features in Beta 2 in addition to also checking to see if any of the bugs are fixed. Did you grab the update before This specific was pulled? Let us know if you had any issues inside the comments!

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