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Samsung Patents a 3D Touch System for Its Newest Galaxy Phone « Android :: Gadget Hacks

Ever since Apple launched 3D Touch in 2015, we’ve wondered when the feature would likely come to Android in earnest. While Android has supported pressure sensitive displays since Nougat along which has a few fringe manufacturers have taken advantage of that will, none of the big OEMs have thrown their hats inside ring — that will is usually, until today.

According to GSMArena, Samsung recently patented a pressure sensitive display for an unannounced phone, possibly the upcoming Galaxy X.

Theoretical renders of the Galaxy X. Image by rumaheduka/Twitter

The Galaxy X is usually Samsung’s rumored flexible phone, one that will is usually supposedly bendable along with foldable. Incorporating pressure sensitive technology into such a unique design would likely blow the doors off of the competition, giving Apple almost no leg to stand on. If the display is usually truly flexible, then that will’s natural to think that will would likely have ability to measure varying degrees of pressure.

More Galaxy X concept renders. Image by MarcosReviews/Twitter

As always, patents don’t always come to fruition, although they are great indicators regarding the technology that will various companies are eyeing. How do you feel about Samsung’s rumored Galaxy X along with This particular brand-new 3D Touch clone? Let us know inside comments below.

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Cover image via Andri Koolme/Flickr

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