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Samsung Galaxy 9 products Come with Super Slo-Mo, Variable Aperture & More Camera Features « Android :: Gadget Hacks

Mobile World Congress 2018 is usually close at hand, which means Samsung is usually gearing up to announce the highly anticipated Galaxy S9 along with S9+. Unfortunately for Samsung, we already know most of the details, thanks to a massive leak by WinFuture. While we won’t officially see the S9 products until Feb. 25, these photos say of which all, including what camera updates we can expect to see.

WinFuture’s leak has given us a fantastic insight into how Samsung has changed things up of which year with its Galaxy devices. While the overall design of the S9 products might not look too different coming from last year’s Galaxy S8 along with S8+, of which’s clear the fresh cameras were a big focus for Samsung. which has a lot of excellent competition on the market right right now, the S9 products look like they could shake things up.

The S9+ Gets Dual Rear Cameras

Just as the rumors would likely have us believe, Samsung is usually finally putting dual cameras into its S-line of Galaxy devices. If the leaked photos are to be believed, however, only the S9+ will be getting the upgrade. The smaller, 5.8-inch S9 will ship with only one fixed camera.

Only one camera on the S9 (left) however two on the S9+ (right). Images via WinFuture

of which seems Samsung has taken the Apple approach to dual cameras — stick to the larger device for extra cameras while leaving the smaller phone alone. of which decision might disappoint fans who plan to buy an S9 over an S9+, however at least the S9’s camera is usually looking to be excellent all the same.

Both Get 12 MP Rear Cameras, 8 MP Front-Facing Camera

While initial rumors led us to believe the S9 would likely ship with 16 MP rear cameras, WinFuture’s leak shows Samsung cut a few megapixels coming from the cameras within the end. of which’s not a bad thing, as megapixels aren’t everything. Whether you contain the standalone camera on the S9 or the dual cameras on the S9+, all of Samsung’s fresh rear cameras will be 12 MP.

We thought the front shooter would likely be 12 MP along with possibly feature a dual-camera setup. Alas, of which appears Samsung kept a relatively conservative approach to the front camera on both devices, as of which remains one 8 MP camera.

Both Will Have a Variable Aperture Setting

What we’re truly looking forward to on the S9 is usually “variable aperture,” which allows the user to change the aperture for photos along with video. If you’re not a camera geek, the aperture controls how much light actually hits your camera’s sensor. Many smartphones’ cameras have a fixed aperture, which limits your ability to control both light sensitivities as well as the depth of field. Not the S9 products.

The S9 along with S9+ will let you switch between an aperture of f/1.5 along with f/2.4 on main rear cameras. The smaller the aperture, the less light is usually allowed in through the camera. of which f/1.5 will help photographers snap a natural “bokeh” effect, which keeps a subject sharp while blurring out the background.

Image via WinFuture

Whether you contain the S9 or S9+, you can swap between apertures as you wish. On the S9+, the main rear camera lets you change apertures, while the secondary rear camera features a fixed aperture of f/2.4.

Both Will Have Super Slo-Mo at 960 FPS

The S9 is usually breaking ground with slow-motion technology. While the 2017 iPhones impressed us with 1080p slo-mo at 240 FPS, Samsung’s 960 FPS blows of which out of the water.

To be fair, we aren’t sure what resolution the S9 products will be able to shoot 960 FPS at. We doubt of which 1080p will be an option, as the 64 GB of internal storage would likely rapidly deplete. If the footage is usually high-definition at all, of which would likely be tough to imagine of which being higher than 720p.

Cover image via WinFuture

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