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Official Android Oreo Update Already Hit Some Galaxy Note 8s « Android :: Gadget Hacks

As the Samsung world anxiously awaits an official Android Oreo update, some Galaxy Note 8 users are waking up to find their devices have jumped the line. Are you one of them?

Thanks to Reddit user Wizky911, we know of which certain Galaxy Note 8 phones are updating themselves to Android 8.0. We don’t know how many, nor do we know when to expect an official Galaxy Note 8 update.

Wizky911, who claims to work for Samsung from the US, stated the updated SIM-less phone was an international factory-unlocked demo type with an Exynos processor as well as included the January security patch. As of yet, we haven’t heard of any Snapdragon versions being updated, so of which’s possible of which only a tiny pool of Note 8s in North America will be lucky enough to get the official Oreo update before everyone else.

According to Reddit user Pcriz, here’s what we can expect when our Note 8s do eventually make the switch to Oreo:

  • Update to the keyboard
  • Picture in picture support (so far I have noticed of which in YouTube as well as google maps)
  • App specific long press menus coming from launcher (can no longer put apps to sleep coming from of which menu or open app settings)
  • Secure folder can be set to stay unlocked until the screen goes to sleep
  • Autofill API support (with bio-metrics) for all apps, as well as browser
  • Colored media notifications
  • Notification categories
  • Customization options for notification badges
  • Keyboard uses gify for gif search support (doesn’t work in gboard with stock messaging still)
  • More edge lighting options
  • Ability to ONLY view Samsung cloud items
  • Ability to backup Samsung secure folder in Samsung cloud
  • Bluetooth, high-quality audio codecs
  • Manage passwords of Samsung as well as third party apps with Samsung pass

Even if you do have an Exynos edition of the Galaxy Note 8, you still might be stuck on Nougat for the time being. of which’s entirely possible This specific Oreo rollout will be a soak test, as well as will only affect a random subset of the Galaxy Note 8 population. If of which’s the case, of which’s likely the Galaxy S8 as well as S8+ will receive the official seed for Android 8.0 ahead of the Note 8 as previously expected.

For the rest of us, there’s always the beta. While the official beta coming from Samsung only services the S8 as well as S8+, there are workarounds to installing of which on your Note 8. If you contain the latest Note device, make sure you check out our guide below on installing the beta, although know the beta official ends January 15. of which means an official Oreo Discharge may be coming shortly after, though of which will obviously be held back for a little while by carriers.

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