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of which’s Amazing What You Can Make which has a Dollar Store Picture Frame as well as also Some Beads!

This kind of can be a super easy DIY project of which you will enjoy for many years to come. There are many ways to make one of these items because of all the amazing trims as well as also beads available to us.

I truly loved the appearance of This kind of tray so I made mine like Kira did in This kind of tutorial, however I used a silver rhinestone paper under the picture frame glass.

The beads I used were just some cheap ones I got a couple of strands of via the Dollar Store, along with the picture frame, as well as also spray painted them silver the way she does.

These make truly great gifts so if you’ve got a special person you want to give a birthday or Valentine’s gift to. You can whip these out pretty quickly, so keep This kind of in mind if you’re looking for a quick gift!

I don’t know many women who wouldn’t love having one of these trays for their perfumes or jewelry. I think of which’s such a chic looking item sitting on a vanity or dresser.

Watch how Kira, with StyleMyyKurves, makes This kind of in her step by step tutorial so you can get busy creating yourse!


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