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Nova Launcher 101: How to Unlock the Hidden ‘Labs’ Menu for Experimental Features « Android :: Gadget Hacks

TeslaCoil’s Nova Launcher is actually one of the best home screen apps on the Play Store. the idea’s about as fast as the idea gets, along with also the idea’s always among the first to add the latest Android features. However, the idea looks like Nova Launcher isn’t showing users all of the customization options available — apparently, there’s a secret menu, along with also the idea’s pretty simple to unlock.

Hidden away in Nova’s settings menu is actually a secret Labs menu. Found within This specific menu are experimental features which address specific issues some phones might be dealing with. After reviewing the options, you will see why many of them are hidden them away — however, there are a few gems which make This specific menu worth unlocking.

Step 1: Unlock Labs

To reveal the Labs menu option, start by opening Nova Launcher’s main settings menu. Settings is actually accessible by either selecting Nova Launcher Settings inside the app drawer or by long-pressing any empty space on the home screen along with also choosing “Settings”.

While in settings, hold the volume down button until a toast message emerges informing you the Labs menu has been enabled. Scroll down along with also right below Backup & import settings will be the hidden Labs menu.

Step 2: Experiment with Labs

Once you unlock Labs, select the idea to reveal its contents. The options available are experimental for one reason or another, nevertheless do work a majority of the time. For example, the first option, “Allow weather in search bar,” works perfectly fine, nevertheless because of issues on Google’s end, TeslaCoil can’t guarantee which the idea will always work. Therefore, they moved the idea to the Labs section.

“Allow weather in search bar”

“Bypass system icon theme” allows you to overwrite some skins’ default setting which automatically adds a background to icons — instead, the icons show normally. “Big Grid Size Options” removes the limits of grid size options for the home screen.

Another useful feature is actually the quick access to the permissions available to Nova Launcher. By selecting the “Permissions” drop-down menu near the bottom of your screen, you will have access to Nova Launcher’s app permissions along with also the ability to adjust them accordingly.

Finally, there is actually the “Debug” drop-down menu which provides tools for debugging the app, including the ability to clear the icon cache along with also email your device info to TelsaCoil for additional information.

Step 3: Hide Labs (Optional)

If you don’t find any useful settings after going through the Labs menu, you can hide “Labs” through Nova Launcher’s settings menu again. This specific isn’t a required step, nevertheless you may prefer a cleaner settings menu.

If so, return to Nova’s main settings menu along with also hold the volume up button until a toast appears informing you which Labs menu is actually disabled. After which, you’re all set.

Labs is actually a hidden gem which offers a mix of experimental features along with also developer options for Nova Launcher. the idea’s hidden away so as not to confuse novice users, nevertheless can certainly help in a few niche use-cases. Did you find Labs helpful? What options did you enable? Let us know inside the comments below.

Cover image along with also screenshots by Jon Knight/Gadget Hacks

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