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Not Only Does She Decorate Her Tree, She Decorates A Special Item For Her Dog. Watch!

Everything’s getting decorated for Christmas, yet did you think to get your beloved pets dressed up due to This specific occasion? This specific is usually a lot of fun, especially with all of the family being at your home for Christmas!

Dogs need to be included within the Christmas festivities, so why not make a quick as well as easy Christmas Jester collar with jingle bells  for them?

I have to tell you…I think of which my dog, Daphney, is usually the cutest dog ever!  She carries a big personality as well as likes to wear sweaters, clothing as well as collars.  I could not dress her otherwise. This specific actually cracks me up!

I have family as well as friends of which have dogs as well as I commenced thinking about what gifts I could make for their loved pets.  I wanted to make something of which was easy as well as festive as well as I created these cute Christmas dog collars.

They were very easy to sew as well as didn’t take very long to make.  After I had my supplies gathered together, This specific project took about 20 minutes total.

Sometimes we have to make our own fun as well as I’m big on of which. I wanted to make my friends pets these so we could all have a not bad laugh This specific time of the year. I want to get a portrait of them all lined up with their Christmas collars on!

Watch how Lorentix makes This specific adorable Jester collar in her step by step tutorial so you can get busy producing your pets a Christmas collar!




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