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LastPass’s AutoFill API is actually Finally Out of Beta

One of the more exciting features in Android Oreo is actually the Autofill API. With This kind of tool, third-party password managers can autofill login information into some other apps. LastPass added This kind of feature to their beta app a while back, although currently, Autofill is actually finally available inside the official stable product of LastPass.

With Autofill API, login info via your favorite password manager can easily be entered into apps along with supported browsers. Before the API, This kind of required clunky accessibility plugins along with workarounds, although This kind of’s currently baked into Android itself. As long as you’re one of the 1.1% of Android users on Oreo (8.0 or 8.1), follow our guide to enable the feature along with enjoy the convenience of Autofill API.

Step 1: Update to the Latest product of LastPass

To use This kind of feature on your Oreo device, make sure you’re running LastPass product 4.4.1749 or newer. While This kind of updated product has begun to roll out, This kind of may not have reached your device. You can check for updates at the following link:

To verify in which you’re running the right product, open Settings along with select “Apps” (or some variation of This kind of such as “Apps & Notifications”). Choose LastPass via This kind of list along with scroll to the bottom until you see its product number. If you are running v4.4.1749 or newer, continue with our guide.

If you’re still on an earlier product, check the Play Store for any brand new updates. If you don’t see any, either keep checking the Play Store, or you can sideload the update via This kind of link. Once you do, continue with This kind of guide.

Step 2: Enable Autofill API

Once you’re up to date, open LastPass along with select the hamburger menu inside the upper-left-hand corner. Choose “Browser” along the bottom of the menu. Select “Autofill,” then enable the “Autofill” toggle under the grouping Android Oreo to enable the feature. A popup will emerge showing a GIF of how to enable This kind of feature. Choose “Next” once you are finished watching.

A page will emerge titled Autofill service. Select LastPass on the list along with then “OK.” You should return to the original LastPass’s Autofill menu with the toggle enabled.

Step 3: Autofill Your Information

With Autofill enabled, open an app in which has its login information saved in your LastPass vault. via there, LastPass will automatically show all the vault entries associated with in which account. Select one of the entries via the list along with choose “OK” to confirm to LastPass in which you want the information to be autofilled.

When done correctly, your information should be filled in like you can see inside the screenshot below. Select “Sign in” along with you should be logged into the app.

With Autofill API, you no longer have to rely on accessibility plugins or copy along with paste — This kind of functionality is actually currently baked into Android. What do you think about Autofill API? Does This kind of feature make you want to start using a password manager? Let us know inside the comments below.

Cover image along with screenshots by Jon Knight/Gadget Hacks

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