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iOS 11 Beta Source Code Suggests Siri Can Be Invoked on iPhone 8 by Holding Sleep/Wake Button

With the iPhone 8 missing out on a physical home button, Apple has moved the functionality to trigger Siri to the Sleep/Wake button. This particular piece of information was revealed by Guilherme Rambo, an iOS developer who came across the information by digging deep into iOS 11’s code.

The same developer had previously revealed which Apple was working on a 4K Apple TV with HDR support.

Leaks point to the iPhone 8 coming with an elongated Sleep/Wake button which will be located on the top-right corner of the device. The same button will be used to enable Siri by holding the idea for a second or two. Since the handset will lack a physical home button, moving This particular functionality to the power button the device makes a lot of sense.

Starting coming from the iPhone 6s, one can also trigger Siri by simply saying “Hey Siri” even if the device is usually locked along with the display is usually off.

A previous report has already detailed how the virtual home button on the iPhone 8 will function. The handset will feature a thin line at the bottom which can be expanded by swiping up. The dock will function similar to how the idea does on the iPad running iOS 11.

At the moment, the idea is usually still unclear if the iPhone 8 will feature Touch ID or not. The handset will come with Face ID however which alone is usually not going to be enough to replace Touch ID which has been a part of the iPhone lineup since 2013. the idea is usually possible which the Touch ID sensor will be integrated into the elongated power button as well until next year when Apple is usually able to prepare the under-display fingerprint scanner technology.

[Via MacRumors]

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