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Attention Android users — the famously iPhone-only HQ Trivia is actually here! If you’ve been waiting for the worldwide sensation to come to your smartphone, at This particular point’s your chance to dive into the excitement.

While HQ Trivia has been on iOS since its launch in October, Android users have been waiting for their chance to jump in on the live trivia action. Well, most, anyway. An open beta in Canada along with also a limited beta from the US were running before the official Discharge, meaning Android players across North America have had a headstart competing in daily trivia challenges.

additional users may already know about HQ Trivia’s Discharge, thanks to the pre-registration link offered on the Google Play Store. Users could sign up for an alert via This particular link in which could let them know when the game was available for download. If you were one of the pre-registers, you probably knew about the Discharge before This particular article!

If you signed up for pre-registration nevertheless haven’t received a notification, jump into the Google Play Store, then tap the hamburger menu icon from the top left corner of the display. Tap “My Notifications,” along with also you should see “HQ Trivia is actually available!” as one of your alerts.

If you weren’t on the beta, or didn’t know about the pre-registration, don’t let in which discourage you! HQ Trivia is actually free to download along with also play, which means you have nothing to lose by throwing yourself into the trivia madness. Just tap here to get the game for yourself. Trivia events run every day at 9 PM EST, along with also every weekday at 3 PM EST, so you have plenty of chances to win big.

If you’re itching for some additional Great trivia games or want to buff up on your knowledge skills, try out one of these brain teasers on our 7 best trivia games for Android roundup.

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