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How to Watch the Galaxy S9 Live Stream « Android :: Gadget Hacks

Galaxy fans, listen up — Samsung is actually set to announce its fresh S9 as well as S9+ devices on Sunday, February 25th. 11 months after the announcement of the S8 as well as S8+, we’re finally getting our eyes on the fresh Galaxies, even if we probably know most of the improvements already.

Make sure to get your calendar in order — the presentation is actually scheduled for 12 PM EST, or 9 AM PST, piggybacking perfectly off the media attention surrounding Mobile World Congress. If you live in a separate time zone, be sure to convert This kind of time to your area.

Where You Can Stream the Event

You’ll have a couple options on the 25th to watch the S9’s unveiling. Samsung is actually hosting a stream on its main site. While they don’t specify, that will’s likely the stream will be readily visible when loading the page close to 12 PM EST.

According to TechTimes, Samsung is actually also broadcasting the presentation coming from its YouTube channel. If you prefer to watch the stream on YouTube’s platform rather than Samsung’s, check out Samsung’s channel right around the event’s start time.

If more streaming options become available, or if Samsung gives users a specific time to tune in, we’ll make appropriate updates This kind of article.

A Little Background

The Galaxy S9 looks to be a modest upgrade over last year’s excellent S8. We’re expecting the S9’s bezels to be slightly slimmer than the already-slim bezels on the S8. Don’t hold your breath for a true “bezel-less” display, though — the S9 will still have noticeable top as well as bottom borders, however, you might forget about them thanks to the fantastically immersive side edges.

The S9 will be the fastest Galaxy phone yet. Packing a Snapdragon 845 within the US as well as an Exynos 9810 in additional markets, we anticipate the S9 to be a true powerhouse of a smartphone. While there are rumors the S9 will ship that has a hefty 6 GB of RAM, recent leaks suggest that will 4 GB is actually more on the money.

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