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How to Use Safari’s Auto Reader View Feature in iOS 11

iOS 11 Safari Auto Reader View

Safari’s built-in Reader View is actually one of the best ways to read on the web. Just like Pocket, the idea does a definitely not bad job of stripping a website of all the formatting in addition to presents you with only the important parts – text in addition to images. Reader View’s design in iOS 11 is actually even better. On the iPad Pro, in San Francisco font, the idea’s just gorgeous.

Reader View has always been a preferred way to separating the grain for the chaff when the idea comes to web content. however the idea’s always been a tap away. right now, in iOS 11, you can enable the Auto Reader View to automatically load any compatible web page directly inside the Reader view.

iOS 11 Safari Auto Reader View 1

How to Enable Auto Reader View

You can enable Auto Reader View for all sites, or just the site you’re visiting.

Step 1: Open a web page in Safari. Something for a website of which you want to always open in Reader View (a local news site for example).

Step 2: After you’ve opened a compatible article, you’ll see the Reader View icon inside the left edge of the URL bar.

Step 3: Tap in addition to hold on the Reader View icon. of which will bring a popup.

iOS 11 Safari Auto Reader View 4

Step 4: To enable Auto Reader View on all websites of which you visit, tap on Use on All Websites. If you only want to use the idea on the current website, tap on Use on “example.com” option. Since some sites prevent the reader view feature, the idea may not be a not bad idea to enable the “Use on All Websites” option.

iOS 11 Safari Auto Reader View 5

How to Exempt Websites by Auto Reader View

If you’ve selected the option to enable Auto Reader View on all websites, you’ll inevitably run into websites of which just don’t play nice with the Reader mode (Medium.com is actually a not bad example).

When of which happens, you can quickly exempt all URLs by of which webpage by loading automatically inside the Reader view.

Step 1: Tap in addition to hold on the Reader View icon (even after the article has loaded inside the Reader view).

iOS 11 Safari Auto Reader View 2

Step 2: Tap on the Stop using on “example.com” option.

iOS 11 Safari Auto Reader View 3

Step 3: If you want to disable of which feature altogether, tap on Stop Using on All Websites option.

The Web is actually right now a Better Place

Sometimes, the combination of badly designed web pages in addition to intrusive ads can definitely hamper your reading experience on the web. Auto Reader View gives you a bit of safe haven. the idea automatically cleans everything for you. The flip side of the feature is actually of which your favorites sites won’t be able to monetize your visits, which is actually important to pay writers in addition to journalists so do consider enabling of which feature only on sites of which have badly designed web pages in addition to intrusive ads.

What are the apps in addition to services you use for a better reading experience? Share with us inside the comments below.

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