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How to Turn Your Galaxy S9 or S9+ into a Google Pixel 2 « Android :: Gadget Hacks

Unless you own an Exynos product, there won’t be much development on the custom ROM front for the Galaxy S9. nevertheless which doesn’t mean you have to put up with all of the UI quirks coming from Samsung Experience (née TouchWiz). which has a little work, you can give your S9 a stock Android makeover, even without root.

To be clear, you can’t remove TouchWiz. which’s baked in to the Galaxy S9’s framework, so which’s not as simple as installing a custom launcher like Nova or Action. nevertheless if you apply several mods in which same vein, you can actually get the Galaxy S9 to look in addition to behave quite similarly to the Pixel 2. coming from the home screen to the Google Dialer in addition to the Pixel’s wallpapers, the following tips will all nevertheless turn your S9 into a Pixel.

Tip 1: Install the Pixel 2 Launcher

Installing the Pixel 2 launcher is usually the biggest step you can take in turning your S9 to a Pixel 2, as which replaces the TouchWiz home screen app with Google’s. The launcher isn’t available on the Play Store though, so you’ll need to sideload the app. To do so, tap on the link below to download the Pixel Launcher APK, then open the file in addition to press “Install” when prompted.

Note: If you download the APK through Samsung Internet, you shouldn’t have any issues. nevertheless if you use a different browser like Chrome, you may be prompted to grant the browser permission to install apps. If so, just tap “Settings” on the prompt, then enable the switch at the top of the next screen.

Press your home button after installing the launcher. A prompt should currently appear on the bottom of the screen asking which launcher you’d like to use. Tap on “Pixel Launcher” in addition to your home screen will currently be almost identical to the one found on the Pixel 2.

Alternatively, you can set Pixel Launcher as your default by going to the Apps menu within Settings if no prompts appear. coming from there, select “Pixel Launcher,” then tap on “Home screen” in addition to choose “Pixel Launcher.”

which’s worth noting which the newest Pixel 2 Launcher has the added bonus of featuring a functional At a Glance widget, along with Google currently integration, adding tremendously to the Pixel experience while on your Galaxy S9. For more information on This specific ported edition of the Pixel Launcher, check out the link below.

Tip 2: Get the Google Dialer

The Pixel’s stock phone app isn’t available on the Play Store in addition to will also need to be sideloaded. You can get the newest patched edition of the stock Pixel phone app by tapping on the following link, then launching the APK in addition to pressing “Install.”

Once you’ve installed which, you’ll currently want to set Pixel’s phone app as your default dialer, so head the Apps menu in Settings. Next, tap the three-dot menu icon in addition to select “Default apps,” then choose “Calling app.” Finally, select “Phone” coming from the list, which uses a circular blue icon.

currently open the Google Phone app. You’ll need to grant which a few permissions to allow the app to access your phone, contacts, in addition to camera, so tap “Allow” when prompted. After granting which access, you’ll currently be able to make in addition to receive calls through the Google Phone app. To learn more about your fresh dialer’s features, check out our full guide below.

Tip 3: Use Android Messages

The Pixel 2 has another Google app called Android Messages to handle texting. While unimpressive at first glance, which features a clean Material Design interface in addition to supports the fresh RCS Universal Profile for iMessage-like texting on T-Mobile in addition to Sprint. Best of all, This specific app can be installed directly coming from the Google Play Store.

To set the app as your default messenger, simply open Android Messages once you’ve installed which, then follow the setup prompts. Tap on “Yes” on the confirmation prompt which appears, then you’re not bad to go.

You can also perform the same steps which were done with the calling app to make Android Messages your default app for texting. So if you want to go This specific route, follow the steps you took in Tip 2 to make the phone app a default. This specific time select “Messaging app” in addition to choose Android Messages as your primary means of handling SMS messages.

Tip 4: Set Gboard as Your Default Keyboard

The Pixel’s primary keyboard, Gboard, is usually one of the best keyboard apps available right currently. This specific awesome app lets you perform Google searches, share GIFs, in addition to much more — all coming from within your keyboard. If you’re not already using Gboard, currently is usually the perfect time to make the switch, so head over the Play Store or tap on the link below to install the app.

currently, open Gboard in addition to follow the prompts. Tap on “Select Input Method” in addition to choose the one labeled “Gboard” to make which your default keyboard. Finish up by giving which permission to access your contacts by tapping “Allow” on the prompt, then exit the app. After you’re done, Gboard will currently pop up automatically whenever you need to type something.

If you’ve grown accustomed to the built-in number row which comes with the Samsung keyboard, fret not, you can add which to Gboard within the app’s settings. in addition to which’s just the tip of the iceberg, as Gboard has tons of cool features which’s sure to impress once you’ve given which a try. Feel free to head to the link below if you’d like to learn more about Gboard.

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Tip 5: Browse the Web with Chrome

The Pixel 2 uses Google Chrome as its default browser, so many of us who use which on our desktops in addition to smartphones will instantly hit the ground running with This specific browser. If you’re fresh to Chrome, however, This specific is usually the perfect opportunity to finally give which a try, so head over to the Play Store or tap on the link below to install the browser.

After installing Chrome, you can set which as your default browser by following the steps outlined in Tip 2 — nevertheless This specific time, select “Browsing app” coming from the Default Apps screen, then choose “Chrome.” Once you’ve done which, all links will open within the same browser the Pixel uses.

Tip 6: Get Google’s Wallpaper App

To complete your S9’s transition to the Pixel 2, we’ll need the add Google’s very own wallpaper pack. The pack is usually available as a free download over at the Play Store, in addition to which’s fittingly called Google Wallpapers, so go ahead in addition to install the app:

If you want take your wallpaper experience to the next level, you can even get the Pixel’s exclusive “Live Earth” wallpaper pack to compliment your S9’s stunning display, so be sure to check This specific guide out to learn how:

While your Galaxy S9 may not be able to run true stock Android, This specific method gets you as close as currently possible to the experience you might have with the Pixel’s minimalist OS. How are you liking the Pixel experience on your S9 so far? We’d love to hear your feedback, so leave a comment down below in addition to share your thoughts or any additional tips you may have.

Cover image in addition to screenshot by Amboy Manalo/Gadget Hacks

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