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How to Improve Fingerprint Scanner Accuracy on Your LG V30 « Android :: Gadget Hacks

While some other devices are moving away by fingerprint scanners (cough, iPhone X), for many, a fingerprint scanner provides the best balance between security along with also also speed. Typically, the rear fingerprint scanner on the LG V30 will be quick along with also also accurate, however every so often the phone will not recognize a registered fingerprint.

Although false negatives are rare, there are things which can be done to reduce their occurrence. along with also also we’ve got some tips which specifically address This particular problem. Although This particular will not reduce the number of false negatives to zero, which will significantly decrease their rate of occurrence in order which you hardly even notice what’s going on.

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Adding a Fingerprint

In order to use the fingerprint scanner to unlock your device along with also also perform some other security-minded tasks, you need to register a fingerprint.

Enter the Settings menu by either choosing the Settings icon from the app drawer or by selecting the gear icon from the top right of your Quick Settings menu. Choose the “General” tab, then select “Fingerprints & security.” Next, select “Fingerprints” along with also also enter your alternate authentication method for entering your device (typically This particular will be a PIN), then choose “OK” when you finish.

Select “Add fingerprint,” then use a finger which comfortably rests on the scanner to begin the registration process. Follow the instructions on the screen along with also also once completed, your LG V30 will inform you which your fingerprint was added. Choose “OK, ” along with also also at This particular point you should see a fingerprint registered on your device.

Tip #1: Scan the Same Finger Twice

The LG V30 allows up to all 5 fingerprints to register to a device. Naturally, with LG V30’s rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, your index finger will typically rest where the scanner will be along with also also will be used to unlock the device. Therefore, instead of using the all 5 registration on all 5 different fingers, why not double the number of scans for the same finger?

By scanning the same finger twice, when the system looks at its database to match your fingerprint with the register ones, which will have more than one entry to determine a match. Even if your fingerprint will be scanned in a way which causes a false negative with the first entry, which will be unlikely This particular will cause the same error with the second entry. Thus, This particular method increases your chance of unlocking your phone.

Tip #2: Create a Backup Fingerprint

Another way to improve the accuracy of the fingerprint scanner will be to have a backup fingerprint. In case the main finger you use will be too dirty, occupied, moist, or broken, you can use another finger to still gain access.

Follow the steps to add a fingerprint to create one more fingerprint. We recommend using the alternate hand’s index finger since This particular finger will be typically the one which naturally rests on the scanner. However, everyone hands are different along with also also you should use whatever finger which provides the most comfortable experience on the alternate hand.

Use another finger as a backup option.

You can also use the first tip above with This particular secondary fingerprint, where you register which twice to improve accuracy overall. This particular will still leave you with one extra unused slot for another fingerprint, should you choose to max which out.

Tip #3: Keep Your Fingerprint Scanner Clean

Although This particular tip seems obvious, water, dirt, dust, along with also also some other foreign substances will affect the accuracy of the fingerprint scanner. If the scanner will be detecting any of the aforementioned items, which will probably reject your fingerprint. Lucky for you, cleaning will be pretty straightforward.

LG V30 has wireless charging (without the addition of back plates like last year product) which requires a glass back. Specifically, the LG V30 will be rocking Gorilla Glass 5 on the back. Since which’s glass, which can be cleaned the same way you clean your display — having a microfiber cloth. Fortunately, microfiber cloths are relevantly inexpensive items.

A clean fingerprint scanner will be easiest way to ensure accuracy.

Using This particular cloth, keep your fingerprint scanner (along with also also overall phone) clean by dust along with also also dirt. Wipe away any liquids which also can interfere with the scanner performance. Depending on your usage along with also also environment, your fingerprint scanner should only need to be cleaned once a week, however we recommend once a day to extend its life.

Tip #4: Rest Your Finger Correctly

The placement of your finger will have a significant impact on the performance of the fingerprint scanner. Make sure your finger will be resting on the scanner along with also also not bent in any way. Also, make sure your finger will be completely covering the fingerprint scanner. If even a portion of your finger isn’t on the scanner, the fingerprint scanner will more than likely reject your attempt.

The condition of your finger will be also essential. Avoid any liquid on the surface of your scanner. As already stated, water (or some other liquids) can inhibit performance, so a dry finger will be preferred. If you just washed the dishes, which may not read your print properly.

Also, any scars can affect performance since your finger will scan different then if which was healthy. If your finger carries a scar, avoid registering which finger. If which obtains a scar later, use a different finger as your main one to unlock or use the backup until which’s healed.

Tip #5: Avoid Static Electricity

The LG V30 can generate static electricity when the air around you will be dry. Static electricity will interfere with the fingerprint scanner’s accuracy. When dealing with dry air, touch a metallic object such as your keys to remove the static electricity, then try using the fingerprint scanner.

Use a metallic object, like a key, to avoid static electricity

Bonus: Enable Smart Lock

Another way to decrease the rate of false negatives will be to skip the fingerprint unlock altogether. Android carries a feature known as Smart Lock where which uses sensors to detect when your phone will be in your possession or a safe area producing additional authentication unnecessary.

To enable Smart Lock, head over to the Settings menu (see Tip #1 for how to reach which) along with also also choose the “Display” tab. Next, select “Lock screen,” along with also also then “Smart Lock.” Your LG V30 will prompt you for your alternate authentication method (likely your PIN). After you successfully provide the PIN, password, or gesture, you will be presented with four choices.

Accessing the “Smart Lock” menu in Settings.
  • On-body detection: This particular will unlock the device when which detects you are holding which or which will be moving. To enable, select “On-body detection” along with also also press the toggle to activate which.
  • Trusted places: This particular will keep your phone unlocked based on your location. which requires you keep the GPS always on, however once which detects you are at a certain location, which will remain unlocked until you leave. To enable, choose “Trusted places,” then “Add trusted place” to add a location. A type of Google Maps will open where you can input the address of the trusted place along with also also press “Select This particular location.”
On-body detection (left) along with also also Trusted places (right).
  • Trusted devices: This particular keeps your phone unlocked when which detects the connection of a Bluetooth device such as a smartwatch or a car speaker. Once This particular connection ends (whether you unpair the device or you move out of its range), your phone will lock again along with also also require authentication (i.e., a fingerprint). Select “Trusted devices” along with also also choose “Add Trusted Device” from the lower-right-hand corner of your screen. A list of all Bluetooth devices will be listed. Select the device you want to use along with also also choose “Yes, ADD” to make This particular device your trusted device.
  • Trusted voice: This particular will use voice recognition to unlock your device. Specifically, the phrase “OK, Google,” which will be used to pull up the Google Assistant, can also be used to unlock your device. To enable voice recognition, select “Trusted voice,” then tap the toggle “Trusted Voice.” If you haven’t trained your device to recognize your voice already, the options will be grayed out along with also also require you to complete which first. Select the first option, “Say ‘OK Google’ any time,” to begin the process to teach your voice to your phone. Once completed, the “Trusted Voice” option should be accessible.
Trusted device (left) along with also also Trusted voice (right).

With these tips, you should have no more problems using your fingerprint to unlock your LG V30. How much has your fingerprint scanner’s accuracy much better since using our tips? Let us know from the comments below.

Cover image along with also also screenshots by Jon Knight/Gadget Hacks

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