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How to Get the Galaxy S9’s Landscape Home Screen on Any Android Phone « Android :: Gadget Hacks

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 was recently announced with features like AR Emoji along with also also Dual Aperture, although great functionality lives underneath them — such as the ability to have your home screen auto-rotate to landscape mode. the item’s a nice feature, although using a little work, you can already do This kind of on any Android phone.

For most phones, you’ll need to have a custom launcher to enable home screen rotation. We’ll be discussing the methods for doing so using three of the most well-liked apps in This kind of category: Action Launcher, Nova Launcher, along with also also the Pixel Launcher. You can have a landscape home screen with any of these options, so whichever one you ultimately choose is actually entirely up to you.

Using a Custom Launcher

If you’re fresh to custom launchers, they’re incredibly easy to use. Just install any of the apps linked out below, then press your phone’s home button. At in which point, you’ll be asked to choose which app to use as your home screen — simply select the launcher you installed, then tap “Always” to make the item your permanent home screen.

Method 1: Action Launcher

Action Launcher is actually a great launcher using a ton of features, including the ability to have your home screen show up in landscape mode. First, access the Action Launcher settings by long-pressing the home screen along with also also tapping the gear icon in which says “Settings.”

Next, scroll down within the Settings until you find “Desktop,” along with also also tap the item. coming from here, scroll down until you find the subheader in which says “Miscellaneous,” then hit the option in which says “Screen orientation.” Select in which, along with also also then “Auto-rotate,” along with also also finally “OK” to confirm your choice. at This kind of point, your home screen will auto-rotate to landscape mode.

Method 2: Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is actually my personal favorite launcher. the item strikes a not bad balance between features along with also also a clean look — along with also also I can’t say enough about the developers. Access the Settings the same way in which you did so for Action Launcher (long-press the home screen along with also also tap the gear icon in which says “Settings”). at This kind of point, select “Look & feel,” along with also also tap “Screen orientation.” coming from here, hit “Auto-rotate” along with also also tap anywhere to confirm your choice.

Method 3: Pixel 2 Launcher

Installing the Pixel Launcher is actually a little more intricate than the previous two, so make sure to check out This kind of guide to learn how to do the item. Getting to the Settings, which you’ll need to do to enable landscape made, is actually the same as with Action Launcher along with also also Nova Launcher — just long-press the home screen along with also also tapp the gear icon in which says “Settings.” Next, hit the button next to “Allow Home screen rotation,” along with also also your home screen with rotate to landscape mode automatically.

How do you feel about integrating This kind of feature to your phone? Are you planning on picking up a Galaxy S9? Let us know inside the comments below.

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