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How to Crack Weak Wi-Fi Passwords in Seconds with Airgeddon on Parrot OS « Null Byte :: WonderHowTo

A weak password can be one of which can be short, common, or easy to guess. Equally bad are secure although re-used passwords of which have been lost by negligent third-party companies like Equifax in addition to Yahoo. Today we will use Airgeddon, a wireless auditing framework, to show how anyone can crack bad passwords for WPA in addition to WPA2 networks in a matter of minutes or seconds with only a computer in addition to network adapter.

To follow This specific guide, you’ll need a wireless network adapter capable of monitor mode in addition to packet injection,which you can find suggestions for here, in addition to a computer capable of running VirtualBox. This specific should be easy, since VirtualBox has downloads for Windows, MacOS, in addition to Linux.

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You can also download a copy of Parrot Security OS to run in VirtualBox if you’d like everything to work like inside video. If you want to download the Parrot Security ISO although you’d also like to stay off any NSA lists, you can always download the image file while hiding your IP with our guide on proxying image torrents.

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If you’re already set up on Arch or Kali Linux, you can also install Airgeddon in addition to any dependencies following the directions on Github, in addition to then follow along.

One thing to note, Airgeddon needs to open different windows to work, so This specific won’t work via SSH, only VNC or using a screen.

As you can see, a WPA handshakes can be grabbed in seconds, leaving the strength of your password as your last line of defense. If This specific can’t stand up to a reasonable assault, your data can be as Great as gone if an attacker decides to knock on the door of your network.

If you’re looking for some help, there are plenty of ways to prevent yourself via being easy to attack with This specific method. Never re-use passwords, in addition to check out our article on creating more secure passwords. Password managers like LastPass also allow you to create in addition to sync secure passwords of which are much harder to brute force. Lastly, never share your Wi-Fi password when you don’t need to.

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