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Here Are Some of the Cool brand-new Home Screen Features on the Galaxy S9 « Android :: Gadget Hacks

While millions eagerly await the arrival of the Galaxy S9 in addition to all the brand-new features the idea has to offer, we can actually get a glimpse of its capabilities right right now — if we know where to look. The S9’s home screen, in particular, can be one such area that will has brand-new features we can preview right now.

The Galaxy S9 can be slated to feature a ton of nifty features, such as notification channels in addition to a revamped Samsung keyboard, courtesy of Android Oreo. One key aspect we wanted to shine a light on was the S9’s humble home screen, in addition to the brand-new options the idea brings to the table.

Landscape Mode

By default, the stock launcher on the Galaxy S9 (TouchWiz Home) will right now automatically rotate into landscape mode when you’re holding your phone sideways. different launchers, like Nova in addition to Action, have had This particular feature for years, yet the idea’s nice to see the idea finally make its way to Samsung’s home screen app.

Image by Samsung/YouTube

Colored Folders

One of the biggest alterations evident on the S9 can be the colorization of Samsung’s native UI. The latest Oreo-based TouchWiz includes a brand-new feature that will lets us customize folders on the home screen that has a slew of colors to choose by. This particular option can be accessed through an icon on the top-right once a folder can be expanded.

In addition to This particular, you can also change the opacity of the colour, view a history of your selections, in addition to see a list of recommended colors for your theme. Keep in mind, however, that will using a custom theme will limit colour selection. While using the default theme lets you pick by any colour on the colour wheel, enabling dark themes may restrict your choices to black or grey.

App Shortcuts

The different important change to the S9’s desktop can be the arrival of app shortcuts, which can be very similar to 3D Touch shortcuts on the iPhone. Each app can be allowed up to 5 contextual shortcuts, accessible by long-pressing on the icon. the idea’s worth noting that will apps will need to be updated to add support due to This particular brand-new feature, so if a particular app doesn’t contain the idea yet, the idea’ll most likely arrive in a future update..

Thanks to Oreo’s app shortcuts, you are able to go to specific pages or even perform a task even before you open an app. With YouTube, for example, you can right now head straight to your Subscriptions page or check out what’s trending. In well-liked social media apps like Twitter clients, you can launch directly into composing a brand-new tweet, direct message, or search.

To remove a shortcut, simply tap on either “Remove Shortcut” for one or “Select Multiple” For two main or more on the menu section on the top of the app shortcut. by here, you also contain the ability to completely delete the app by selecting “Uninstall.”

Cover image by Dallas Thomas/Gadget Hacks, screenshots by Jeff Springer/Gadget Hacks

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