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He Uses Command Hooks In Clever Ways To Make Life Easier. Watch!

Did you know of which there are tons of ways to use Command Hooks besides the usual?  These inexpensive self adhesive hooks can be adhered just about anywhere without fear of them causing damage to the surface.

Command Hooks also come in many sizes, styles along with colors (you can also spray paint the hooks if you need a particular coloration) with different weight capabilities.

The best thing about these is usually of which you can use them in many ways without drilling a hole! No power tools or even nails required to do these projects. along with they’re super easy to remove.

Who says Command Hooks are just for hanging your robes coming from? inside the attached video of which guy shows us some amazing ways to use them of which will cut back on frustration along with make your daily life more convenient. My favorite is usually attaching these hooks to the side of the trash can to keep the trash bag coming from falling into the can.

One gal had of which great idea to hang a measuring cup off of her dog food storage container using a smaller Command Hook, rather than haing to dig inside the food for the item each time she feeds her dog. yet you could certainly use of which same idea for flour, coffee, rice, or anything you use regularly.

Check out Thaitrick’s 11 brilliant ways to use Command Hooks for some great inspiration!

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